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Drawing a line is the first thing that a child learns after he holds a pencil. It appears that drawing a line is probably the easiest thing to learn and do. But merely drawing it on paper is not enough. One also needs to learn the importance of drawing in our day-to-day life. By this, I mean to say that humanity needs to be abstemious in its whims and fancies. There should be a limit or a boundary to whatever we do because morally unrestrained actions can only culminate in a catastrophe.

Why is mankind forgetting to draw the line? Why does no one understand the gravity of the problem?

Humans have gone too far to achieve their materialistic targets. We have barged into almost every area which does not even belong to us. So much so that we have displaced and misused every other species’ area, be it nature, animals, birds, or marine life. Our atomic bombs have created perpetual repercussions, and so have the gas leaks from nuclear plants. We, in our greed to expand and progress, have forgotten how abundantly we are blessed by the Almighty. We are perhaps the only species that is on a mission to destroy our own planet. In the name of progress and development, we have invaded and annihilated almost all-natural habitats, and resources and disturbed every living being on earth.

Why is it getting so difficult to coexist? Why do we not understand that we have no other planet to go to? Everything is designed by God in such a beautiful way to support life. Then why are we destroying the set-up?

It is time that we learn our lessons. We have spread stygian darkness for our future generations. However, we just need one thing to get ourselves out of the pit in which we have fallen. And that is the determination to do something good for our planet and to know our boundaries.

There is no calamity greater than lavish desires. There is no disaster greater than greed. If we don’t stop today then we would be forced to stop by the omnipotent nature through natural apocalypses and that will be the greatest pain that humankind will not be able to endure. Thus, we should start acting immediately and “Draw the Line” which has been missing for centuries. I urge mankind to draw the line and bring in the sunshine.

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