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TOPIC: Evolution of Law system in India

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It was a Saturday morning of the FY LLB class with the lesson on Law of Ccontacts by a yopung dynamic faculty who happen to begin with the statement” The las of contract evolved to its complicatioins because People in todays era no longer keep their promises due to the prime focus on their personnel gain on the cost of the extreme loss of others due to lack of empathy already as one of the doctrines human of human value.


The purpose of this article is to drive your attention towards all the conditional circumstances that led the people of this era in our territory to give away and keep ways to keep away with their words and promises.


We are from a land where every Indian whether here on any part of the world have definitely learned the phrase” Pran Jaye par vachan na jaye” which means that even if the life needs to be sacrfieced to keep up the dignity of the words given to someone it is worth it. Our tradition converys us that Kaisi karni waisi bharni, so as to give the appropriate punishment to the culprits without any negative effort of saving them from punishment from every member of the society including the family members which majorly included in out casting the culprit not only from the society but also from the family giving a strong message to society about abstain the wrongdoings .However today the parents of the rapist and murderers plead innocence and forgiveness even if the family know that the member is at grave fault as seen in Nirbhaya case, and unfortunately such cases are unstoppable.

We believe that “No work is small or big, every work done must necessarily serve our country men and the mother nature but today no one cares of the preserving our land, thus have turned to commercial farming and producing hazardous waste just to make big in market and earn some thing extra than their peers to quench their thirst of superiority in terms of monitory gains. Both the parents in a family prefer to live in nuclear family so as to avoid interference from the elderly, however the nuclear family definitely loses on the transmission of the cultural and traditional heritage that needs to be learned from elderly and should be passed on to the future generations. Families have forgotten the correct eating habits, sleeping habits, and by and large the healthy living habits as a result the people are not short lived due to the substantial expansions in lifestyle diseases like B. P Diabetes, asthama etc. The most unfortunate fact is the children miss on the correct grooming at the tender age, which are then exposed to bizarre information on internet and different adult channels that are easily available as a pop up on channels. People had phased life of early childhood adosclence , ghrihassth life and thereafter old age where we followed one wife in one life, which due to being silent on the explosion of the display of the heinous content there is no fixed age of marriage nor have the people maintained the definite stages of human life. The society has chosen to be silent spectator to the media and movie to have poisoned the minds of our generations so my point here is why did the wise, influential and rational members of society chose to remain mum and let our generations forget their cultural values due to influence of media and filmmakers.

In the earlier times people knew the herbs that could treat most of the lifestyle diseases like acidity, Cold, influenza etc, To ensure the easy availability of such herbs those use of be planted in every garden of the house in the countryside, like Neem, Tulsi, Pudina, Kadhi patta, Aloe vera etc. However today we do not get to see the plantations of such herbs and shrubs due to lack of awareness

If I relate this article with the story of freedom struggle where almost all Indians gave up their necessity as well as luxury of life to given a better future to their countrymen where leaders like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar and Rajguru even chose to shed their life to awaken the consciences of all Indians to strive for freedom and a better life.

We have the concept of one life with one wife which badly got influence with the foreign culture of having relationships with more than one partner as people chose to forget their culture and unfortunately forget the stages of living life3 with peace and satisfaction, The need of the hour is to go back to all the forgotten rituals, culture, traditions and values and practice them gradually to minimize the losses which the future generation will experience, whether it is staying in muddy houses, eating seasonal foods, growing seasonal crops, replacing tea with jiggery sherbet, using cotton and khaddar over silk, using cloth bag over plastic ones and ,any more…

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