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“Our Life is what our Thoughts Make it” – Marcus Aurelius Human mind is like an engine where emotions are fuels that drive our life. Without emotions life is not worth living! A negative emotion drives people to do terrible things like suicide, murder etc. Our emotions are not just by-products of the circumstances or environment, rather we control it. Our emotions are connected with our behaviours and actions. If you want to change our behavior, you have to change your emotions. And emotions are the result of the way you think.Yes, our thought process is what controls our emotions.

In Psychology a person’s behaviour is linked to their external factors like family upbringing, social, cultural, financial etc. For example, twin brothers or sisters who were raised- up in the same environment like social, cultural, economical, religious etc., confronted with a same life tragedy, but both may end up in a different outcome – one depressed, another joyful – How? The answer is very simple -an Individual’s Thought process. The proverb is absolutely correct “as he thinks in his/her mind, so is he becomes”. Our thoughts can change our emotions and then our actions, so let us choose to think differently. As long as you blame other people, circumstances or environment for the way you are, you live in a victim mentality. First step to becoming a victor mindset is by accepting responsibility and choosing the right thoughts.

Humans are thinking beings. Our thoughts create mental protein constructions in our brain to generate electromagnetic effects, quantum signals at the speed of billions per second. Each one of us is designed with a powerful mind to think and to choose and our ability to think and choose will change our brain. We can surely control our brain in any life events but our negative reactions to our life circumstances and by choosing a wrong decision will send incorrect quantum signals to our brain and it changes the structure of our brain and it eventually affects our body. Our brain is wired for love and to choose right decisions. Love is defined as Truth, Responsibility, Kindness, Serve, Mercy, Forgiveness etc.

Can we rewire our brain? Yes, we can. Science has proof that we are not the victim of our genes. We control the genes of our body. We can bring changes in us by making the right choices. Destruction only comes from the bad choices and decisions we make, which send toxic signals to our brain, resulting in evil. There is nothing that we have done that can’t get rid of our brain, we can flesh it out. There is a tendency that we can get stuck in our negative thoughts unless we act to choose right. When negative thoughts come, it’s not enough to dwell on it but we have to replace it with positive thoughts.

Science says our brain produces our mind but in fact we generate our mind that changes our brain. Our mind and brain are wired to make good choices. We design the landscape of our brain either positive or negative. Our mind is an integration of our will and emotions and likened to a battlefield. Where the mind goes, life follows. All our choices are made in our mind. If our mind is fed with positive things continually, then the direction of our path is positive. To stay positive we need to renew our mind daily with positive thoughts, since we feed a lot of junk to our mind through the internet, media, family, friends etc. If our mind’s software is affected with viruses then the entire body gets affected. We are the sum total of what is in our mind. Let’s recognise and accept our personal responsibility to fix our mind, and to focus on a progressive life.

By Philip M Thomas (F.Y.B.L.S./LL.B.)

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